Our practice provides a unique blend of Western medical (allopathic) and holistic healing techniques.

Animal Kingdom Healthcare is unique in that we offer holistic modalities, such as acupuncture, laser therapy, VOM, ozone therapy, prolotherapy, Chinese Herbs, myofascial release and homeopathy.

To see vitality and health return to our patients who have been affected with disease or pain, often for a long time, rewards us everyday.

As with human disease, one important component of healing for animals is  lifestyle changes, especially the diet. Supplements can also provide missing elements for physiological processes to work more effectively within the organs.

When we watch animals pull their people into our practice, it warms our hearts. Our companion animals provide so much for their families. Giving back to them through re-establishing health or even preventing disease is our focus.

(photo Reece Martinez)



Dr. Cheryl Fox, D.V.M.